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Aradial Wireless/Hotspot Radius server Features

  • High-performance and reliable server.
  • Extended HTML UI for user database and groups of users.
  • HTML customized administration.
  • Configurable web pages for Hotspot/Wifi (redirect to Web page).
  • Duration and traffic enforcement.
  • Detailed usage reports.
  • Subscriber self care module.
  • Support for VOIP, dial-up, Wifi, WiMAX and DSL on the same platform.
  • Integration with almost all Access Points and Access controllers.
  • Integration with Chillispot and NoCat.
  • Full UAM solution for hotspots: Mikrotik, Colubris, Nomadix, CheckPoint firewalls, Linksys, Chillispot, Monowall, PfSense, Proxim, Terabeam, ValuePoint, Planet, Zyxel, Ikarus, BuffaloTech and more.
  • Complete solution for Hotels, Internet Cafe' and small providers.

Aradial Wireless/Hotspot Radius server Pricing

Aradial Wifi/WiMAX pricing depends on the following:

  • The amount of subscribers needed to be configured in the database.
  • Amount of Concurrent sessions.
  • Amount of servers needed.

Please contact us for information.

Full Hotspot/Wifi prepaid solution

A complete integrated solution with the ability for growth.
Spotngo Hotspot system main features are:
  • External Access Point / Gateway bought from 3'rd party.
  • Aradial Radius server software with time and traffic enforcement.
  • Access restrictions based on time and day.
  • Simple generation of users/cards accounts.
  • Configurable login page portal.
  • Credit Card payment (and PayPal) and pricing plans.
  • User Sign-up and Payment using purchased prepaid cards.
  • UAM with: Mikrotik, Linksys, Chillispot, Colubris, Nomadix, Proxim, Terabeam, ValuePoint, Planet and many others.
  • The Ability to brand and advertise your products.
  • User self care module.
  • Usage reports and statistics.
  • Remote management of radius server and access point gateway.
  • Extra users can be purchased as the hotspot grow.
  • Additional Access Point / Gateway can be added at anytime.
  • Users Management in a database.

Spotngo: Hotspot software, Hotspot access

Aradial & Spotngo

Phone: +1-416-410-3518
  • Note: The solution is used in production by Spotngo Hotspot,

    Aradial ISP/Voip/Mobile/WiMax/Cable Pricing

    • Convergent Billing: Prepaid and Postpaid
    • Multie services: ISP, Wifi, VOIP, Wimax, Mobile and LTE
    • RADIUS module
    • Diameter module
    • IPv6 module
    • Learn more: Convegent Billing

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